It’s Amanda’s 11th birthday and she is super excited – after all, 11 is so different to 10. But from the start everything goes wrong. The worst of all is that she and her best friend Leo, with whom she’s shared every birthday, are on the outs and this will be the first birthday they won’t spend together.

When Amanda turns in for the night she is glad to have her birthday behind her and wakes up happy for a new day. Or is it? Her birthday seems to be repeating itself. What is going on?! And how can she fix it? Only time, friendship and a little luck will tell.

Wendy Mass writes highly enjoyable realistic fiction with a fantasy twist. The characters are well developed and the 11-year-old friendships and dramas are true to life.

There’s a great message about the need to resolve disagreements and heal grudges – even among 11-year-olds – before you can move on. The story has the poignancy of that 90s movie ‘Groundhog Day’ for a much younger audience.

For girls who need a friendship story this is a fun, easy read.

Clare Cannon lives in Sydney where she is the manager of Portico Books and editor of the soon to be launched 

Clare Cannon lives in Sydney where she is editor of The Good Reading Guide and manager of Portico Books,...