Despite who won or lost at Sunday night’s Emmys awards show – one thing is certain: Award show hosts are getting worse and worse. (Oh and Glee is taking over the world. Unfortunately!)

Jane Lynch, who plays the rude and sarcastic cheerleading coach on the popular high school glee club drama, hosted the Emmys. She was there with her usual snide remarks and off-color commentary. The audience ate it up, laughing and cheering with each comment.

jane lynch

What I don’t understand is why people love her so much. Jane Lynch is the kind of person you wouldn’t want to count as a friend or colleague. She’s got a rude comment for everything and is the kind of person to poke fun at you no matter the situation. Nothing is sacred or off limits. How do people take pleasure at that kind of entertainment? Why is that the prime candidate to host a televised show that’s aired to thousands of people?

To be honest, I rarely understand the host decisions. It seems so many of the shows focus on who can create the most shock and awe – never mind those that can be truly funny or gracious as a host. While I haven’t been watching award shows for long, I have to think hosts 20 years ago couldn’t have been this crass and demeaning on stage.

Katie Hinderer

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