‘Trans joy’ in Nashville

What was in the head of the 28-year-old who meticulously planned a rampage in her old school? What inspired her to stockpile guns and barge into a school and kill three nine-year-olds and three adults? What rage? What darkness? What sickness? That’s the question everyone is asking about Audrey Elizabeth Hale. We’ll never know for […]

Punchlines or prophecies: 100 Babylon Bee woke jokes fulfilled

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. But according to Seth Dillon, CEO of America’s largest satire site The Babylon Bee, it is increasingly difficult to see any daylight between the two. Dillon told Fox News this week that nearly 100 of their site’s satirical headlines have been fulfilled in real life, some within […]

Living with euthanasia: the ethical imperative of providing alternatives

If, like me, you argued that legalising euthanasia was a very dangerous and unwise idea, you lost the battle to prevent its legalisation in Canada as the euphemistically labelled “Medical Assistance in Dying” (or MAiD) law, and, most recently, in all the Australian states as the “Voluntary Assisted Dying” (or VAD) laws. These ordinary sounding […]

What Napoleon’s hubris teaches us today

The 18th-century British cartoonist James Gillray was the first to satirize Napoleon as a “thundering boastful character.” Later in the 20th century, despite Napoleon’s being of average height for his time, the term Napoleon Complex was applied to short men whose feelings of inferiority led to “a strong desire for power and dominance.” You don’t […]