Abolishing the seal of confession in Western Australia will retraumatise abuse victims

The Parliament of Western Australia last week passed the Community and Family Services Amendment Bill 2021. This mandates all religious ministers to report child sexual abuse even when it is revealed under the Catholic or Orthodox religious practice of the confession, a divine engagement which has been held sacrosanct for nigh on two millennia. “There […]

Are people with advanced dementia still persons?

Dementia is a condition that has touched the lives of everyone. We all know someone — perhaps someone we love dearly — who has lived or is living with dementia. It is heart-wrenching to watch someone you know and love slowly fade away, not to mention the mental anguish that people with dementia themselves often […]

3 Environmental doomsday myths, debunked

For many, thinking about the future of our planet is terrifying. According to a global survey reported by the BBC, 56 percent of young people believe that humanity is doomed because of climate change and 45 percent say that their anxiety about the climate affects their daily lives. Here in the US, the story is […]