What Shakespeare foresaw about Donald Trump’s impeachment

“What means that Trump?” asks Timon in Shakespeare’s play Timon of Athens. Good question, that, and one that all of America and all of the world is asking. But the answer is in another play, the oft-performed Julius Caesar. It was written more than 400 years ago, but its story about a fight to the […]

Time for Twitter & Co to take responsibility for news — and lies

The events in Washington DC last Wednesday, and the subsequent permanent suspension by Twitter of the account @realDonaldTrump, throw into the spotlight the question of how responsible social-media companies are for the material that users post by the technical means that the companies provide.  They add urgency to a question that was already being raised:  should Section […]

Has America become a ‘house divided’?

If American democracy were in good health, one might make the case that last week’s storming of the Capitol building was a last gasp of despair by an unruly band of Trump supporters, egged on by the president’s incendiary allegations of electoral fraud. The truth is that it was the latest chapter in a wider […]