Are feminists being hoist on their own petards?

Journalist Suzanne Moore says she was “betrayed and bullied for saying that women should not be silenced”, quitting her long-time job at The Guardian newspaper after writing an article in March this year reiterating her view that “women are women”, that sex is a biological fact, rather than a construct assigned at birth (unlike gender, which “suggests […]

Barbaric dogmatists and the Revolution

During my junior year of college I read and was persuaded by Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind. Bloom’s book was “a meditation on the state of our souls,” and he clearly knew something about both our souls and our minds. Consequently, as my own teaching career began I would often return to the […]

Neighbourhoods: a forgotten school of family and social flourishing

Covid lockdowns showed that when there is a strong shared perception of a common need, that can elicit sentiments and behaviours of solidarity. So, a greater sense of neighbourly connection can emerge in times of emergency like a war or pandemic. The problem is, how can we continue to preserve this vivid perception of shared needs even in normal times? That is the great challenge as I see it.

Don’t ever abandon Grandpa

I was disturbed but not really surprised when I read a October 21 New England Journal of Medicine article by Scott D. Halpern MD PhD titled “Learning about End-of-Life Care from Grandpa”. Dr. Halpern, a palliative care doctor and ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote about his elderly grandfather who had been widowed for the […]