Prince Charles’s Chinese charm offensive ignores human rights

His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales, with his long-held interest in all things environmental, is trying to persuade China to help curb climate change.   Via a video link to the UN Cop15 biodiversity summit in the Chinese city of Kunming, Prince Charles declared this week that “world polluters must pay for environmental destruction […]

We’re in a pandemic, for heaven’s sake. Can’t we be kind to one another?

Over the weekend (which also marked World Mental Health Day), 32-year-old Sydney-sider, former Bachelorette and Home and Away actress Sam Frost, posted an emotional video on Instagram calling for compassion, kindness and empathy at a time when discourse around the pandemic has been increasingly characterised by nastiness and division, arguably fuelled by both mainstream media and the government.

Judicial precedents and vaccine mandates

The 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling is often cited by proponents as the basis for compulsory vaccine mandates and other emergency pandemic public health measures. But Jacobson was a narrow ruling at the time and the precedent it set should be construed as modest. Justice Harlan’s decision in this case over one hundred years ago upheld the […]