Attenborough Attachment Syndrome: warm and fuzzy but ultimately lethal

With the decline of belief in God, Westerners seek someone to bring order out of chaos – to control an out-of-control universe. The BBC has nominated Sir David for this challenge. The Beeb is suffering from Attenborough Attachment Disorder – a communicable disease that may eventually prove far more lethal to the human race than Covid-19.

Is it time to ditch Pride Month, our citadel of wokeness?

There’s something absurdly comic about long hyphenated names in English, something which irresistibly invites ridicule. One of my favourite examples occurs in Evelyn Waugh’s black comedy Decline and Fall — Sir Alastair Digby-Vane-Trumpington. Both comic and decadent, as ADVT is one of a pack of drunken students whose carousal precipitates the hero’s expulsion from Oxford. […]

Colombia’s Constitutional Court censors Vice-President’s consecration to Virgin Mary

On August 6, 1875, Gabriel García Moreno, President of Ecuador, was assassinated in Quito. The assassins were fanatical anti-Catholics upset by the pro-Catholic policies of the President, particularly by the fact that he had publicly consecrated Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Happily, matters today are more often solved through courts than through assassinations, […]