The CRISPR babies: the story unfolds

Remember the shocking announcement of the first births of genome modified twins (Lulu and Nana) globally? In an article in Nature Biotechnology, we learn a little more about these girls, now toddlers. But, it says, “… their fate remains shrouded in secrecy amid swirls of rumors. Many people contacted for this story refused to speak […]

Whither the Irish?

The defining, enduring differentia of the Irish – devout Catholicism, hale and hearty national consciousness and those big boisterous Irish families – are gone with the wind. The mystique of Ireland is still with us, though a pallid wisp of what was, once upon a time.

An utterly changed Ireland?

O’Toole argues that Catholic activists, for example, were more interested in appearances than in the messy complexities of real life. He views de Valera’s Ireland as a failed State and legitimately highlights the economic failures and mass emigration of the 1950s.