Is anti-vaxx a hill to die on?

As we enter a third year of the Covid-19 pandemic the latest mutation of the virus is ripping through populations and filling hospitals. Omicron appears to be less deadly but the stakes in its management or control seem higher than ever. Lockdowns are out of favour, but the condition for participating in society is now […]

Everything woke goes nuts: M&Ms get an ‘inclusive’ rebrand

Ever looked at a bag of M&Ms and thought, ‘I feel excluded’? Are you unable to enjoy that delicious candy-covered chocolate because you don’t see yourself represented in its mascots? Me neither. But not to fear, an M&Ms rebrand is here whether we needed it or not. This week, Mars, Inc. unveiled a woke overhaul […]

A landmark ‘hate speech’ trial in Finland could banish Christianity from the public square

Hate speech is a Thing. People do incite others to violence and they do vilify their enemies. In India, hate speech by prominent Hindu figures against Muslims is vicious and unrelenting, notwithstanding laws that ban it. This week a militant Hindu priest, Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, was arrested over speeches he gave at an event the […]

The political modellers have spoken: Covid is over in Britain

The political winds have swung and Boris Johnson has some dignity to restore after the shameless hypocrisy of the “partygate” scandal. So today we woke up to the news that the pandemic is effectively over in England. As of next week, vaccine passes, mandatory face masking and the work-from-home order will be scrapped. Self-isolation requirements […]