Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

For years typecast by the press as a bluff, gaffe-prone, ex-naval officer who enjoyed the sport of rich men such as polo, we are slowly discovering the extraordinary range of his interests and charitable work and his thoughtful, highly intelligent, enquiring mind.

We all have to die. Why have we forgotten how to die well?

We have become purveyors of hope through pills and infusions: “providers” rather than “healers”. What is needed instead is to recover a “lost art” based on the simple premise that people go somewhere forever after they die, and so they should live each day in a way that would help them look forward to a happy transition.

Exploring Ireland’s ‘emancipation’ from faith

There was a decline in church attendance long before the first scandals came to light. Discussing the sharp drop-off in practice in the wake of a scandal, a fellow parishioner tells the author of this exceptional book that “people were looking for an opportunity to put their coats on and go”.