Nobody can tell me what to do with my life, right?

The strongest argument for euthanasia and assisted suicide may be “autonomy”. In its crudest form, this means: “who are you to tell me what to do with my life?” Bioethicist Xavier Symons argues that autonomy is completely inadequate as a key to assessing the “right to die”. MercatorNet: In a nutshell, what’s wrong with the […]

Life after Roe for pro-lifers

The pro-life movement has always promoted the well-being of mothers and children in general — not just of children in the womb. Even after the demise of Roe v. Wade, killing developing babies remains legal in many states, so protecting their lives is still crucial. But in places where their lives are already protected, the […]

Overcrowded and chaotic Lagos is becoming Africa’s Silicon Valley

Flutterwave is an online payment infrastructure provider headquartered in San Francisco. Its customers include global giants like Uber and Microsoft and tiny local start-ups. In 2021, five years after it was founded, Flutterwave became a unicorn (valued at over a billion dollars). In early 2022, a series D funding round of US$250 million brought that […]

Bauerlein - dumbest generation

The West’s grand abdication

It seemed obvious to Mark Bauerlein, as he writes in this latest work, “that a 21st century teenager who didn’t read books or magazines or newspapers, who had no religion and ignored history, civics, and great art, would grow into an unsatisfied and confused adult.”