‘Folks, this is a time of testing.’

To put Joe Biden’s inaugural address into perspective it might help to think back to Clinton’s or Eisenhower’s second, or Coolidge’s or James Buchanan’s first and only. But you can’t remember them and neither can I, because they were sonorous snorefests quickly forgotten and it didn’t matter. Except it did with Buchanan, who then watched […]

Why corporate America loves the Left

Amid the political ads with which we are bombarded during every election, one theme emphasised by progressive candidates concerns the evils of business. Corporate America is especially singled out for allegedly not paying enough taxes, underpaying employees, under-serving customers, and exploiting ordinary Americans. Yet the same political candidates are among the biggest recipients of financial […]

UK transgender treatment centre urged to speed up its controversial service

The controversial Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) operated by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has been rated as “inadequate” by government inspectors — another blow to the beleaguered service that has been struggling under the burden of a high resignation rate, public criticism and legal action. The inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) criticised […]