How to talk to your MP about euthanasia

In the light of the way in which politicians (Australia-wide) have conducted their debates on “voluntary assisted dying” legislation, there comes a time when someone needs to remind politicians of the way in which public policy should be handled by them. Emotionalism and euphemisms MPs need to leave their emotionalism and emotional stories (which cannot […]

Why would you ever regret having kids?

Of all human projects, what is greater than creating and raising a child? Humankind is held by many to be a blight upon the earth, but procreation is a marvellous thing, bringing to life a unique human being whose baby face the mother and father can only gaze at in wonder. On the other hand, […]

What happens when an anti-family activist has a baby?

Israeli Labor Party Leader Merav Michaeli has momentous news: she has a new baby. This news is especially momentous since, for the last decade, Michaeli has been among the most vocal opponents of marriage, familial belonging, and parental rights on the planet. News of the birth came to light after Michaeli was criticized for traveling […]

Facebook said that Instagram wasn’t bad for teens. It is and here are the facts

Facebook officials had internal research in March 2020 showing that Instagram – the social media platform most used by adolescents – is harmful to teen girls’ body image and well-being but swept those findings under the rug to continue conducting business as usual, according to a Sept. 14, 2021, Wall Street Journal report. Facebook’s policy […]