Australia’s vaccine rollout: consent or coercion?

We know that Covid-19 is a serious virus that has taken the lives of some 4.2 million people worldwide. We know that the vaccines, while not providing perfect protection, significantly reduce the likelihood of someone contracting the virus and dying as a result of it. We also know that high rates of immunisation will result […]

The Pope makes extraordinary changes

A couple of weeks ago, Pope Francis again made headlines. Shortly after leaving hospital for colon surgery, he restricted the use of the so-called Latin Mass, creating a furore in Catholic circles – not just amongst bloggers but bishops.

Euthanasia fundamentalists sell death in the Netherlands

Foreign observers might have the impression that it is always open season for euthanasia in the Netherlands. Not so. While the guidelines are elastic and subject to interpretation, they do exist and people violating them risk prosecution. A recent story on euthanasia in the Netherlands illustrates this. A pillar of Dutch policy is that only […]