Woke silliness at its worst: a non-binary Joan of Arc  

A new play about Joan of Arc, I, Joan, opens in London next week. After all the plays, poetry, novels, and biographies published since she was burned at the stake in 1431, it’s difficult to imagine that anything fresh can be said about the Maid of Orleans, However, the Globe Theatre, a successor to Shakespeare’s […]

A post-Dobbs primer for the pro-life movement

“Abortion harms every single one of us by perpetuating deeply rooted falsehoods about what it means to be human.” Throughout their book, Anderson and DeSanctis articulate the case for the pro-life attitude from different viewpoints, covering practically all the angles.

Tavistock Clinic fallout: what UK courts would consider in litigation by former transgender patients

Clinical judgements and the clinical counselling at the Tavistock Centre, which since 1989 has provided the UK’s only gender identity clinic for children and young people, now seem set to be examined by the courts in clinical negligence claims brought by some former patients. The NHS trust that runs the clinic, already set to close […]

Has the United Nations turned its back on population pessimism?

July marked the passing of the 34th annual World Population Day. You likely didn’t see much news about it, which itself is a bit surprising if you know the history of the “holiday.” When World Population Day started, it served mostly as a focal point for the then-pressing concerns about the “population explosion.” The 1980s […]