The political modellers have spoken: Covid is over in Britain

The political winds have swung and Boris Johnson has some dignity to restore after the shameless hypocrisy of the “partygate” scandal. So today we woke up to the news that the pandemic is effectively over in England. As of next week, vaccine passes, mandatory face masking and the work-from-home order will be scrapped. Self-isolation requirements […]

A small sigh of relief?

I finally took a breath… but only a small one.  It’s been two very long years since my son began identifying as “trans” — two years of me living in fear that my child would choose to medically harm himself in the name of an identity. But finally, after two years of me loving him […]

Ukraine cyberattack

Ukraine under cyberattack again

First, a little geography lesson.  Ukraine sits north of the Black Sea, bordering Poland, Hungary, and Romania on its west and surrounded by Russia to the north and east.  Like Poland, the Ukraine has been subjugated for much of its history by foreign powers — the old USSR for most of the twentieth century, and […]

100 years since poetry changed for ever with ‘The Waste Land’

2022. A deadly pandemic. War in Ethiopia. Civil war in Myanmar. Looming war in Ukraine. Chaos in American politics, in British politics. Woke lunacy. A million Uyghurs interned in China. Sectarian violence in India. Was there ever a worse year? There are quite a few contenders, but one of them surely is 1922. One hundred […]