International commercial surrogacy goes pear-shaped

As the weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic march on, evidence of a catastrophic failure of international commercial surrogacy is accumulating. A pillar of industry practice is handing over the baby to the commissioning parents (or parent) as soon as possible after the birth. Because of the coronavirus, borders have closed, shutting parents out and babies […]

Covidism as an ‘ideology’

The campaign against Covid-19 has had three disturbing features: the presumption of “guilt,” the suppression of deviant scientific, and the anti-religious animus exhibited by many civil authorities. Churches have been closed while liquor stores, abortion clinics, and gun shops have stayed open, and healthy people have been confined to protect residents of nursing homes, when […]

TV news makes you dumb. Try books

A pernicious notion seems to have settled into the minds of my generation (I’m 36) when we were little boys and girls. It’s now an unquestioned “fact” that “staying informed,” “staying engaged,” and “following the news” are the obligatory duties of sensible, responsible people. They’re not. Reading and watching the news isn’t just unhelpful or […]