This short video gives a thought-provoking breakdown of the state of our world at the moment.  This type of breakdown always makes me feel grateful as I have a tendency to forget that I live in a very privileged part of the world.  

I can't vouch for the accuracy of every statistic (how do they collect so much data accurately from so many countries?), but the video illustrates how unbalanced the distribution of the world's food and wealth is among people.  So many people are obese while others are starving, as Marcus Roberts recently discussed.  

It also interests me that the vast majority of people are in some way religious as I don't generally get that impression from Western society.  As after Trump's election, it makes one wonder how well the media represent what the majority of people actually think.

Another thing which surprised me was the relatively low car ownership per capita, despite automobile emissions being the number one cause of pollutants.  It seems that we here in Australia and New Zealand live in a very spacious part of the world – only one person would live here in a 100 person world (luckily in reality our corner of the world isn't quite as lonely as that).  But Australia and New Zealand also apparently have more than their fair share of cars, with both countries appearing in the top ten countries for car ownership per capita; perhaps because of the need to cover those wide open spaces.  I have lived without a family car for the last three months while we have been in Montreal and it has been surprisingly liberating not sitting in Auckland's growing traffic.  

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Shannon Roberts

Shannon Roberts is co-editor of MercatorNet's blog on population issues, Demography is Destiny. While she has a background as a barrister, writing has been a life-long passion and she has contributed...