As the Irish media attempt to pressure the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) there into declaring his hand personally on the question of gay “marriage” the battle for the minds and hearts of the Irish people on this issue is becoming more intense. Mr. Kenny insists on playing holding his cards very close to his chest but his deputy came out very firmly in favour of a change two weeks ago. While the pro gay side claims a 70%+ body of opinion in favour of changing the definition of marriage, those defending the institution hold the view that this is a “soft” majority which will crumble once the arguments for and against are clearly articulated in debate.

David Quinn of the Iona Institute, a pro-family think-tank, went on Irish television last night and argued the case for marriage from the standpoint of the good of children. The debate took place on Primetime, RTE’s public affairs flagship. Earlier in the week, on Irish radio, he took on the Irish Senate’s number one libertarian, Ivana Bacick, on the same issue. Judge for yourself the strength of the arguments and counterarguments but it would seem that the soft-centred character of the pro gay case was showing itself. You can hear the radio programme on the Iona Institute blog here.

The Irish Government – a coalition somewhat similar to the British coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – has committed itself to putting the matter to the test in a constitutional convention due to begin its work shortly. Should the convention propose a change in the definition of marriage its recommendation will then go before the people in a referendum. That is where the real test of minds and hearts will come.

Michael Kirke was born in Ireland. In 1966 he graduated from University College Dublin (History and Politics). In that year he began working on the sub-editorial desk of The Evening...