A beautiful tale about a song written by a man who couldn’t hear for a child people thought strange. And yet this humble song lives forever in every heart and mind that nurtures a love of music.

In Vienna, 1823, a young girl longs for happiness. Her mother struggles to make ends meet while her husband is too willing to exchange his income for drink. Her peers mock her because she lives ‘in the clouds’ and doesn’t know how to play their games.

Then she meets the music maker. He is composing something new and very different… he fears it will be ridiculed, and he suffers more because he is losing his hearing.

The child loves the music and comes often to hear him play. She feels for the man, she knows his pain, his anger, his fear and also his gentleness. Together they find courage to face their suffering and to relish the joy that music and love bring to their lives.

This story offers a sensitive portrayal of the love of music, but also shows the beauty of music echoed in the goodness of the characters’ lives. Small acts of love and generosity fill the story with warmth and light and make it as memorable as the great musical masterpiece which inspired it.

Clare Cannon lives in Sydney where she is the manager of Portico Books.

Clare Cannon lives in Sydney where she is editor of The Good Reading Guide and manager of Portico Books,...