I consider myself a feminist in the positive, progressive sense. I think women should know how to change a flat tire, lift weights at the gym and wield a hammer or ax when the occasion calls for it. I pride myself on knowing how to handle a gun and being an excellent shot with a bow and arrow. At the same time I think men should still offer to carry heavy boxes and hold the door open for a lady.

For a long time, women have felt the need to declare their independence from men and as a result there has been a move away from the feminine arts – things like making a house a home, cooking, decorating, the little touches. We focused on careers, climbing the corporate ladder, and dressing in a way that spoke of our power as a person.

But now, I’m noticing a slow change in the way the millennial woman thinks of herself. There is a slow return to valuing the feminine arts and understanding that it’s not only ok but it’s also good to care about these things. They want to excel at their profession and know how to make a killer cheesecake. These women reject the older generation’s focus on the ultra-prominence of professional life over everything else. They work as doctors, public relation specialists and at the same time come up with creative ways to decorate their homes and entertain guests. They can have an educated conversation about the state of the economy or the changing political situation while also sharing beauty secrets and exchanging recipes. For example, a blogger I love is Kristina from Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly. She blogs about fashion, DIY and baking all the while she’s a full-time medical student.

To me, at least, this is what true femininity is all about. We’ve got talents that the average man doesn’t and men can do some things better than we can. That doesn’t mean we aren’t equal. Rather it means we work well together. We excel in business and turn a house into a home. It’s possible to do both and true feminity understand that and cultivates that.


Katie Hinderer

Katie Hinderer is a freelance writer and social media enthusiast. She holds a degree in Journalism from Marquette University. Over the years she has transitioned from traditional publishing...