Another day; another culture clash. On Monday, a group called the F Collective organised a protest outside of Notre Dame University, a Catholic institution in downtown Sydney. It wanted to protest a breakfast with a visiting “extremist” pro-life speaker from the US, David Bereits. According to F Collective’s blog, Mr Bereits is a dangerous man:

“He trades in guilt, lies and manipulation and has created a vicious and intimidatory campaign of “vigils” outside of abortion clinics in the States. His organisation is looking to do the same stuff here in Sydney. We want to show him that women in NSW have no patience for this rubbish.”

A crowd gathered outside with standard-issue placards and later on posed for a team photo:


I just thought it was worthwhile calling attention to one particular placard which was very mistaken.


Well, yes, actually, we would. Unlike groups who think that any foetus with undesirable characteristics can be aborted. The notion of a “gay foetus”, ie, a unborn baby whose genetic destiny is to grow up gay, has almost no scientific credibility. But even if it did, like all homosexuals, his or her rights should be defended. Especially the right to life. Gay activists are quite mistaken about the “animus” of pro-lifers against homosexuals. 

Perhaps someone could ring the F Collective and inform them of their error. I don’t have time at the moment.  

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.