The Emperor has all the money in the world and wastes nothing in his attempt to win, at all costs, the precious title of the Christobel Cup. But is throwing money at a horse race necessarily going to win the race for the wealthiest competitor?

“Behold! The greatest racehorse on Earth!” say the right royal international horse trainers, appointed specially by the Emperor.

Anyone who expresses a different opinion about the Emperor’s “magnificent” horse is, according to the international trainers, “stupid” and “unfit for work”.

These “stupid” people will be able to see when they view it that the magnificent horse is “a humble clothes horse”.

In time, the dominant narrative of the magnificent Emperor’s horse spreads throughout the kingdom. The international trainers are paid their fee, and the whole kingdom agrees that the Emperor’s horse will win. It becomes widely accepted as truth, and no one wants to say anything different. When finally the moment comes that the mighty horse is revealed as just a clothes horse no one says anything.

They are all too afraid of being labelled “stupid’”or “unfit for work”.

Only the new young stable hand, Frankie, tells the truth. “Mum has one of those in the laundry…but a hand is quickly clapped over his mouth.”

Illustrations by Sue deGennaro will appeal to youngsters with the amusing figures composed of fine lines and large swollen bellies –  giving a feeling of indolence, grandiose showmanship and utter foolishness.

Read on to find out how the brilliant international trainers fare in the Christobel Cup. Will they win?

Jane worked as a children’s and reference librarian for 14 years.  She has a B.A. and a Grad Dip Library and Information Studies from Melbourne University.