Hi parents — what do you think of this Android mobile phone device being developed by a couple of guys in Utah to end texting while driving?

In an email I received today the entrepreneurs write about their Vehawk invention:

The app allows parents to monitor the cell phone use of their teens while driving. Notifications are sent to the parent when their teen has been texting or calling while driving. The app also rates the driver’s overall safety on each trip and logs the trip information on the phone and online. Parents are able to access further information online, including detailed maps of each route, each text/call that was made on the phone and the point of each occurrence along the route. Vehawk [vee-hawk], fusion of the words Vehicle and Hawk, is now in their beta testing phase.

The guys, who are looking for small investors, say: “We believe that passing laws is not enough to effectively limit distracted driving, Vehawk has all the potential to save countless lives from this tragic national epidemic,” said Dr. Chad Carman, Co-founder of Vehawk.

Do you have any reservations?

Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet