Gee, I missed this one from the hoo-haa surrounding the Copenhagen Summit. Sorry…

How can anyone dislike Boris Johnson,
former editor of the Spectator, former MP, former shadow minister for
the Conservatives, an old Etonian with unkempt blonde hair, a
harum-scarum poupourri of astonishing talent and schoolboy silliness?
He is currently mayor of London and his obiter dicta are faithfully
reported by the London press. Like this one:

“There is no doubt that humanity faces a
risk of environmental catastrophe. We are replicating too fast,
hurtling towards nine billion souls on the planet like bacteria
multiplying on a Petri dish.”

How many children does dear old Boris have? Four. Are you scuttling around on the Petri dish with the other bacteria, Boris, old son, or is it just the benighted people south of the Equator? ~ London Evening Standard, Dec 14

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.