Studio shoot of young caucasian man with pill focus on face

Talk has broken out again about a male contraceptive pill.
This has happened periodically over the 50 years that women have been swallowing
the pill that men invented for them. The New York Times reports:

“We have a number of irons in the fire,” said Diana L.
Blithe, program director for contraceptive development for the National
Institute of Child Health and Human Development. “I think men actually do want
to do this.”

Do they, indeed. Sounds a bit drastic … irons in the fire.
But later in the article they are talking about heat again:

Elaine Lissner, director of the Male Contraception Information Project,
formed a foundation to develop other approaches. One, “reversible inhibition of
sperm under guidance,” or Risug, involves injecting gel into the scrotum to
inactivate sperm. Another involves briefly heating the testes with ultrasound,
which can halt sperm production for months, she said.

“I can imagine a world where you take your car in every six months to get
your oil changed and go next door and get your ultrasound for 50 bucks,” she

So cheap.

And cheapening. It could bring the price of sex down to rock
bottom. A teacher who tried several methods and did “like the progestin implant”
(no side effects) said women he discussed it with “were just totally excited”.

“If I were single I probably would have been able to use
that as a dating thing,” he boasts.

Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet