Cam Jansen and the Secret Service Mystery

Cam and her schoolmates watch as an important political figure and candidate for president, Governer Zellner, arrives for the inauguration of the school’s new library. The visit goes smoothly … until the children hear a “bang!” Sounds like a gun shot come from the back of the library! Everyone, including the governor, hits the ground until the situation is deemed safe.

Cam immediately gets to work with her imaginative mind to reconfigure the scene. She helps the adults figure out that there were no gunshots but that something else of great value went missing during the scare. Once again, she proves to be wiser than some of her adult superiors despite their attempts to dismiss her, but, in the end, both adults and children are grateful for her ability to quickly solve the mystery. Young readers will look forward to finding out the cause of the startling noise as well as the thief behind the stolen good.

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones

When Cam and her classmates take a trip to the museum with their teacher, she and a friend notice that one of the dinosaurs skeletons has lost a few bones!   She and her friend, Eric Shelton, go through a few adventures that will keep young readers in suspense as they attempt to find out who is behind the missing bones. This is a nice story for young grade-school students who are starting to sharpen their reading skills with short chapter books.

Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game

At a children’s birthday party, one would not expect any of the guests to lie about their whereabouts. But during a birthday party which Cam and her friend, Eric Shelton, attend, Cam recognizes that their task is not just as simple as sharing the birthday cake. When Cam becomes suspicious of the winner of the jar of dinosaurs, she instinctively begins a quick search for the real winner. Young readers will enjoy this short but satisfying tale.

Emily Castilla is an avid reader and mother of three.