A baby girl in Britain helped raise the alarm that her mother had collapsed unconscious by answering her mum’s mobile phone. Elizabeth Boyle, who has a history of fainting and fitting, was about to dress her 11-month-old daughter Amelia, known as Millie, when she passed out at the foot of the stairs.When the mobile rang, Millie picked it up and asked, “Who’s that?” then said, “Mama.” On the other end of the line her grandmother, Linda Wright, knew something was up because Millie is not allowed to play with the mobile so she dialled emergency services. When they arrived Elizabeth had already regained consciousness and did not need hospital treatment. Naturally enough she is proud of Millie, “a very clever little girl”, who no doubt will have her own mobile before too long. ~ The Telegraph (UK), Sep 10


Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet