This is not strictly a story about new media. But as governments struggle to get control of new media, it is certainly relevant.

Consider recent media stories:

From Mark Steyn:

On this Good Friday, Christians are under attack in Africa. On this Passover, Jews are under assault in Europe. And on any day of the week anyone who catches the eye of the caliph’s enforcers is getting his head sawed off in the Islamic State.

But the point of all these stories is that Christian majority countries don’t care and don’t do anything. Few vote based on anything that happens to Christians.

I will never forget the sneer on the face of the Canadian Liberal Party canvasser when I explained to him that I could not support his party because every candidate must support unrestricted abortion.

He sneered because he doubted that anyone else in my neighbourhood cares that Canada has absolutely no laws against killing unborn children at any stage of gestation.

People who spent many years of their lives working for churches have children who don’t go to church, who think all good things come from government.

A Canadian commentator puts it, “I predict there will be less conflict as infidels accept their all but inevitable  dhimmitude.” Here is how it might happen.

Islam might outlaw abortion again, but then again, maybe not. Especially if the child is a girl. Also here.

The critical part isn’t what Islamists choose to do but that, generally speaking, so many nominal Christians in the Western world do not take their faith seriously. And there is nothing anyone can say that will not be openly ridiculed, often from their own tax-funded sources.

Others note that fact. That is why Islam will boast as many adherents as Christianity by 2050.

I don’t know that there is anything to be done about this. I have been at social gatherings with young people “from Christian backgrounds” who laugh them to scorn even though they try to smuggle their kids into Christian systems they don’t believe in, hoping to get in to something they trust – on a technicality.

It won’t work for long. Young people, educated in a “secular” cultural do not understand that the civil liberties they take for granted were won by a specifically Judaeo-Christian culture. They are not just given, they are taken up—or not—with each generation.

Denyse O’Leary is a Canadian journalist, author, and blogger.

Denyse O’Leary is an author, journalist, and blogger who has mainly written popular science and social science. Fellow Canadian Marshall McLuhan’s description of electronic media as a global village...