Abortion is not health care, as the post below considers.

Neither is physician-assisted suicide. Wesley Smith says the system is just plain out of touch.

I am continually amazed by the disconnect in the media
regarding the assisted suicide issue between what is actually happening
and the supposed ideal.  Case in point, in a majority of Members of
Parliament supposedly think that physicians should have the right to
assist the suicides of the terminally ill.

We’re talking mentally competent patients, whose families already had the right to end their lives.

Is that clueless, or what? In the UK, this head prosecutor already gave a license to family and friends–not MDs,
proving assisted suicide isn’t a medical procedure–via stated standards
of non prosecution to assist the suicides of not only the terminally
ill, but also, people with disabilities and degenerating conditions. I
mean good grief MPs–and media–look around you!

Sheila Liaugminas

Sheila Liaugminas is an Emmy award-winning Chicago-based journalist in print and broadcast media. Her writing and broadcasting covers matters of faith, culture, politics and the media....