The cast of the black comedy about Dignitas, Please Kill Me.

A Belgian black comedy about assisted suicide has taken away the top
prize at the Rome Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter predicts that
Please Kill Me will become a “cult hit” on the art house circuit.

The black and white film is obviously
inspired by Dignitas, the Swiss suicide clinic. The absurdist comedy
centres on
Dr Kruger, who runs a state-financed clinic where a number of very
characters go to seek help in committing suicide. He is clearly modelled
Ludwig Minelli, the director of Dignitas and even proposes the same
“one day suicide will be a human right”.

In the end, the residents of the clinic
begin fighting amongst themselves and the local village launches a
attack for reasons which never become clear. There are few survivors. As
said, it is a black comedy. ~ Hollywood
Nov 4

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.