I’ve officially reached the age in which a number of my close friends and former classmates are having babies. (It’s scary.) For the millenials, having a baby is an event unlike what their parents or grandparents went through. Documentation is taken to an entirely new level.

As the first child in my family, my mother took her nesting seriously. She made an album that contains everything from my grandparents information to how the relatives were told of my pending arrival. There are a few pictures of my parents together during my gestation. The album also contains a clipping from the newspaper announcing my arrival and the little cards my parents sent out to introduce me to family and friends.

But, now we are no longer talking cutsie photo albums filled with the relevant information. Documentation is millennial style. There are blogs to document the process week by week. There are facebook albums to showcase the changing sizes and dimensions of the mother. Text pictures get sent as a mass message to everybody who cares even slightly about the latest onesie that was pre-purchased or the baby room wall color. There are tweets that divulge trips to the hospital or, as I learned this morning via Twitter, my cousin’s wife just gave birth to a lovely baby boy! He simply tweeted “BOY!”

Or, take blogger Jen. She has a very successful personal fashion blog – Jen Love Kev. When she became pregnant she kept up with the outfit posts proving you can be fashionable while expecting a baby. Her followers got to walk through the entire nine-month process day by day; and ultimately rejoice when her beautiful baby girl was born earlier in the month.

Part of this change in pregnancy chronicling, I’m sure has to do with the distances that separates us now from the ones we love. For instance, my younger sister is expecting in January. She and her husband live on the far west coast of the USA. Our parents live in the middle of the country and I’m residing in the far east coast. We’re all much too far apart to get together. I’ve not even seen my sister’s extended abdomen yet, well, not in person that is. I’m kept abreast of the situation by a constant barrage of texts, pictures and running commentary. She keeps a Facebook album, that only select people are able to view, that shows her standing in the same spot in their apartment wearing the same clothes. We get to see how she grows and changes with each passing week.

I wonder what the older generation thinks of this new way of sharing your pregnancy? As a millennial I love it; but I could see some people finding it to impersonal and too intimate for a blog, Twitter or Facebook.


Katie Hinderer

Katie Hinderer is a freelance writer and social media enthusiast. She holds a degree in Journalism from Marquette University. Over the years she has transitioned from traditional publishing...