This is the story of 'Susan', told in Susan's own words. Susan is Queen Elizabeth II's favourite pet corgi. This book is number 12 in a series all about famous dogs in history, including “Buddy” the first seeing eye dog, “Fala” assistant President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and “Tiny Tim” canine companion to Charles Dickens.

Fascinating details emerge as we follow along the dog diary – from Queen Elizabeth's childhood to marriage and having her own family, her life emerges in all its detail from the unique point of view of the dog! There are glimpses such as the dog enjoying being under a rug (unbeknown to the media) on 'my Lilibet's lap' with hot water bottles to keep the dog warm. We see Queen Elizabeth II as just enjoying being 'a sailor's wife.' when Prince Phillip is in the navy. There are fascinating facts about Buckingham palace too (it has 775 rooms)and all the goings on of the Royal Palace and the true story of how Elizabeth II came to own her dogs. In true British style the royal dogs were pampered, their every need catered to – its fascinating reading!  A lovely comforting story both reassuring and beautiful. Lovely illustrations perfectly match the story.

Jane Fagan is a children's librarian with a B.A. (University of Melbourne) and a Grad. Dip Library and Info Studies (Melbourne).