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Recently in Australia, Facebook made a shocking decision to ban all Australian news and media publications from publishing on their platform.

It was a few days of utter turmoil, as people watched the biggest social network in the country flex its censorship muscles like never before.

Although news has now been restored, the damage has been done… and this event reveals the dangerous power and influence that Big Tech can have over you getting access to independent news based on truth

That’s why your support is crucial today: to help ensure that no matter what Big Tech does, independent news that upholds truth and human dignity is still readily available to you and to others to inform public debate.

Your gift today to help meet the $30,000 investment goal will help:

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  • Strengthen the influence of your community of truth-tellers so that the truth about human dignity is better known among journalists, politicians and academics.

By giving today, you will invest in engaging more people with the truth and help fuel the fight against postmodernist relativism.

So, thank you for investing today to protect the independent news you can rely on!

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