Besides electing a president on November 4, Americans in various states will be voting on other issues. Gay marriage is on the ballot in four states: Connecticut, where a high court decision legalising it could be reversed; Arizona; Florida; and California, where the state Supreme Court legalised gay marriage in May, but where voters have the chance to overturn that decision by supporting Proposition 8.

A week out from voting day, Proposition 8 seems to have almost equal numbers supporting and opposing it. Only a month ago a poll found the measure losing 55 per cent to 38 per cent among likely voters. But an October 17 poll showed that the measure is favoured 48 per cent to 45 per cent among likely voters. The poll’s margin of error, four per cent, makes the results a statistical tie. The measure needs a simple majority to pass.

Supporters, many of whom are practising church members, have been waging a vigorous campaign and have raised $25.5 million to fund television ads and other publicity. Opponents have raised about $20m with the help of allies such as the state teachers and nurses unions. Support comes mainly from republican areas, but two Democratic constituencies — African-Americans and Latinos — are leaning towards the ban, influenced by their church attendance.~ Wall Street Journal, Oct 22



Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet