New York Fashion Week has wrapped up; the designers have jet off to London for the next week of catwalks; and fashion lovers remain fixed to their computers to get the latest trends. One great trend I noticed from New York’s week was layering.

Why is layering so great? It allows for more creativity, a little eccentricity, and usually means less skin is on display. Plus, with the simple addition of another piece you can create an entirely different outfit.

Layering certainly isn’t new to the fashion world. It’s been slowly making an appearance for a couple years now. We’ve got t-shirts paired with jackets, then someone added the scarf, and then a necklace. Now you can take that combo and add another jacket or another shirt or two.

Designers this year combined different materials, patterns and textures just to create one look. For example, Rodarte displayed floral short-sleeved dresses with a lighter colored long-sleeved shirt made of gauze and lace. Elie Tahari models strutted in a dress, with a chucky sweater belted, and an overcoat. Tight and boots completed the look.


The draw back to the layered look is that it can leave even the most well-intentioned person looking frumpy and unkempt. There is an art to layering.

Try these basic tips:

Stick to the same color family. Whether your going to go brown, blue, or yellow try to go with colors that can all fit in the same color family. Going crazy on the color will leave you looking more like a clown than an aspiring fashionista.

Think shape. Layering should not diminish the body’s natural shape. It shouldn’t look like you are walking around in a sack. Try a belt or fitted jacket to give some shape and dimension to the outfit.

Go beyond the moment. Maybe you are cold when dressing, but you could step into a warm environment. Make sure layers can be taken off and added as needed without causing embarrassment as to what’s underneath.

Be creative. Layering, whether it’s three necklaces or two shirts and a sweater, is all about creativity. Think outside the box. What can be paired together? Experiment with various options.


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