It would take a miracle to prevent “gay marriage” becoming legal in France. The Socialist Government has a comfortable majority in the National Assembly and in the Senate, and President Hollande intends to impose his desire to legalise homosexual marriage.

But the French are battling the project tooth and nail, and hoping for that miracle.  Monasteries are praying day and night while people who never took part in a demonstration in all their lives are out on the streets with banners insisting, “Every child needs a mother AND a father”.

On January 13, a freezing cold Sunday, trains and buses from every corner of France brought nearly one million people to the Capital to clog the streets of Paris and gather under the Eiffel Tower in a massive, good-humoured, display of solidarity to defend the family.

But the President and the Socialist Government have totally ignored this message from the grass roots and continue to bulldoze ahead, knowing they have the numbers and can do exactly as they please.

This past week a YouTube video has been spinning along the net. A Socialist MP from a small town in Martinique electrified the National Assembly in Paris and received a standing ovation from the Opposition for his courageous defence of the natural family. In the teeth of the Socialist Party which has denied the right of a conscience vote to its members, Bruno Nestor Azerot declaimed his convictions as a “true humanist” and “homme de gauche” (man of the left).

While the Government proposes its law on the basis of “equality for all”, Mr Azerot said, “this is not freedom but a law which will render more fragile the delicate fabric of our society,” in particular his own island, “a society built after the abolition of slavery”.

“I am a descendant of an oppressive society, which refused the right of legitimate marriage to a man and a woman if they were slaves, which denied them the right to have a child.”

Today, this law will trample on the fundamental values which create a family, the union of a man and a woman for the procreation of children, he said. “It is not the law which denies the ability to have a child to two men or two women, but nature herself.

“We cannot deny the reality of human life. [But] now we are forbidden to recognise the difference between a man and a woman. As a man descended from a people who were bought and sold, I cannot agree to see children created to be bought and sold.”

“You must hear our voice,” Mr Azerot demanded as he continued his impassioned speech. On an island where 60 percent of the young people are unemployed, where their parents also have no work and no home, “do we have no other priority, to give them a decent future, but to offer them homosexual marriage?”

He concluded: “I speak for the profound aspirations of my people, as a free man, and a socialist, and in the name of my people I reject this law.”

This heartfelt speech, dubbed “un homme de gauche en colere” (a man of the left who is angry), has already been watched by more than 240,000 people on YouTube.

Mary O’Neill Le Rumeur writes from France.