How well designed is the average house for family living? Are current trends giving us homes that improve efficiency and facilitate family relationships, or do they express quite different concerns? Questions like these are behind a conference taking place in London in November and organised by the Home Renaissance Foundation which is based in that city. The conference, “From House to Home”, is the second in a series under the heading Excellence in the Home, the first taking place two years ago around the theme of family meals.

Key speakers at this year’s event are Piers Gough, an architect, Alfonso Vegara, an architect-planner, and Charles Handy, an author and philosopher specialising in organisational behaviour and management. Together with other experts from a range of disciplines they will provoke study and discussion on transforming a house into an effective and flourishing home. Topics will include the anthropology of architecture, interior aesthetics, and domestic sustainability.

The aim of the conference and of the Home Renaissance Foundation is to give greater recognition to the work of creating a home, says spokesperson Catherine McMahon, “the kind of home which both meets the specific needs of the individual and family and which, in a more general way, plays an important part in building up a more humane society.” ~ Press Release, May 17

For more information: Home Renaissance Foundation 


Katie Hinderer

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