lesbian pairAt last New Zealand’s leading newspaper has acknowledged that support for gay marriage has declined ever since a bill to legalise it was introduced six months ago. The NZ Herald‘s front page headline today reads, “Gay marriage shock” and the summary beneath it: “Religious sacremongering blamed for surprise increase in Kiwi’s opposition to law change”. Of course there had to be a sinister reason for Kiwis coming to their senses.

The fact remains that barely half the country supports same-sex marriage legislation which is already two-thirds of its way through Parliament. Asked in a Herald-DigiPoll “Which of the following best fits your view about marriage law? — It should remain only between a man and a woman. OR It should be changed to allow it to be between same sex couples.” — 48 percent chose the first option and 49.6 percent the second. That’s a rise of 7.5 percentage points against gay marriage from a poll last June and a decline of 4 points for it. Those who opted for “Don’t know” or refused to answer declined from 6 per cent to 2.4 percent. The uncertain are making up their minds.

In an amusing turn the Herald found a couple of lesbians (pictured above) who said they “have burning red faces with hurt and anger (sic)” over the opposition because they want to get married. A picture of the pair shows not even a modest blush between them.

Online a poll alongside the report shows 55 percent of readers against gay marriage and 40 percent for it. Stay tuned. Parliament debates amendments tomorrow.

Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet