The homosexual son of Congressman Matt Salmon, a pro-marriage Republican from Arizona, has spoken out in defence of his dad’s opposition to same-sex marriage. He explained how it’s possible to respect both homosexuals and the traditional definition of marriage.

“He doesn’t see it as not allowing his son to be with the person he loves because he knows that regardless of where marriage is, I’m going to be with the person that I love,” the son told The Washington Blade. “Whether I can legally marry in Arizona or not, it’s not going to change that fact and my father knows that and he accepts my desire to be with the man that I love. As far as it goes with marriage for him, it’s a matter of what marriage means to him. To him, marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. It has nothing to do with the way he views a person’s relationship, and that’s the thing that I think is hard for people to understand.”

Congressman Salmon has responded very differently to his son’s homosexuality than fellow Republican Rob Portman, a senator from Ohio. Last month Senator Portman announced that he had changed his mind on same-sex marriage after his son “came out” two years ago. But Salmon told the media: “I’m just not there as far as believing in my heart that we should change 2,000 years of social policy in favor of a redefinition of the family.” 

Blaise Joseph is a third-year commerce student at the University of New South Wales with a strong interest in social policy. Blaise is originally from Canberra, the centre of politics and the public...