I’m pretty good at directions. If I’ve gotten some place successfully once I will be able to recreate it a second time and the third time around I’ll be able to figure out alternative routes without checking a map. But since getting a Droid phone, I’ve used the Google Maps app almost daily. It’s helped me find the nearest coffee shop, gas station and shopping mall.

The walking directions are some of my favorite, since, thanks to satellites, Google shows you the actual street view as you walk. The image on the screen reflects the one you are actually seeing on the streets. Getting to your final destination has never been easier.

It’s about to get even better! Google has plans to release Business Photos for Google Maps, which will allow the person to see interiors of the buildings they are entering. The satellites are not getting more intrusive. Rather, businesses will need to submit photos of the interiors to Google, which will then be included in the images provided when a person uses the Google Maps application on their phone or other device.

According to Mashable, the business photo feature will first be launched in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Katie Hinderer

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