A short post for Good Friday. Here in New Zealand Easter is a
four day weekend – Good Friday and Easter Monday are statutory holidays and
there are even Easter trading laws that regulate and limit what shops can open
when on certain days.  (Although there is
growing opposition to, and much flouting of, these trading laws!)  Therefore, it is fairly common for people to
spend the long weekend with friends and family. 
I will be doing the same, visiting the family away from Auckland and
trying to avoid the terrible Auckland traffic as people flee the city at a stately 20km an hour.

 May you all have a happy and safe Easter holiday! And may
the spirit of the holiday – the triumph of life over death – fill you and those
you care about with hope, peace and joy.

Marcus Roberts was two years out of law school when he decided that practising law was no longer for him. He therefore went back to university and did his LLM while tutoring. He now teaches contract and...