If your marriage were a sport, which one would it be and why? It may seem like an odd question, but it definitely leads to interesting answers. In the video above people say:

Oh, what sport? Basketball.

Surfing, because we’ve been riding the wave for so long.

It would have to be a team sport.

Definitely team work.

Ice Hockey.

Baseball. It lasts a long time, and not a lot happens.

This question is part of a campaign launched by the American Conference of Catholic Bishops. It’s called “A Good Marriage Goes a Long Way.”

The campaign, which includes real couples of different ages, aims to promote healthy marriages and family life. At the same time it also highlights how a strong marriage benefits society. The campaign focuses on several questions, including: how many people have been influenced by your marriage?


I think we could easily fill a football stadium with all the people we’ve influenced.

Yeah, when you think about the ripple effect.

One influences the next and the next and the next. It’s like a wave.

So far the campaign has been sent to 1,600 television stations and 7,000 radio stations. It’s popularity is also growing on Facebook and twitter. The website includes all types of information on the personal and social benefits of marriage. It also has tips on how to overcome some of its everyday challenges.