One of the most informative services of your newspaper is providing
you is showing what they’re not willing to cover. Like the March for
Life on the Mall of Washington that drew over 300,000 people to
resolutely protest the legal killing of babies in the womb for 27 years
now. And the West Coast Walk for Life, which included the compelling testimony of Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Even though the latest polls show that the majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life, the so-called mainsteam news media don’t even attempt to reflect mainstream American views.

As I mentioned earlier, the Chicago Tribune did a series of stories
of prominent placement on the little rallies (100 or so people, max?)
in support of comedian Conan O’Brien. Just to put this in a framework…

Most media ignored it. Whatever big media did say, tended toward the slanted. But let’s look at this…”Antiabortion” is in the headling of this WaPo story. That’s not as surprising as the fact they covered it at all.

“I went to the March for Life rally Friday on the Mall expecting to
write about its irrelevance. Isn’t it quaint, I thought, that these
abortion protesters show up each year on the anniversary of Roe v.
Wade, even though the decision still stands after 37 years. What’s
more, with a Democrat in the White House likely to appoint justices who
support abortion rights, surely the Supreme Court isn’t going to
overturn Roe in the foreseeable future.

“How wrong I was. The antiabortion movement feels it’s gaining
strength, even if it’s not yet ready to predict ultimate triumph, and
Roe supporters (including me) are justifiably nervous.

“As always, we in Washington enjoy an up-close view of the health of
various causes because of the city’s role as the nation’s most
important setting for political demonstrations. In this case, I was
especially struck by the large number of young people among the tens of
thousands at the march. It suggests that the battle over abortion will
endure for a long time to come.

“We are the pro-life generation,” said signs carried by the crowd,
about half its members appearing to be younger than 30. There were
numerous large groups of teenagers, many bused in by Roman Catholic
schools and youth groups. They and their adult leaders said the youths
were taught from an early age to oppose abortion.

“People our age are going to be the ones to change, to be the future
leaders,” said Lauren Powers, 16, who came with a group from an
all-girls Catholic school in Milwaukee.”

This is an ephiphany for those liberal media members willing to even
look at this story, so kudos to Robert McCartney, in a simplistic sort
of way. This is foreign territory for them. But they’re listening….some
of them….

“Young people in the March for Life said they thought they were more
opposed to abortion than people in their parents’ generation because
they had more information about the issue, in part because of their

“We start learning early on why it’s wrong. I don’t think they got
the chance to do that,” said Kelly Brennan, 17, who came here with a
group from Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia.”

Isn’t it biblical that ‘a child shall lead them’?

Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet