It has ratcheted up, the extreme language, the play on fears and/or biases, and the gloves off pugilism. Okay, stay on task. Know what you believe and take a reasoned stance for it. Put media reporting in proper perspective…

Where to begin? How about this CNN report, which acknolwedges the foregone conclusion that at least the House is about to change hands.

With an incoming freshman class of conservative and Tea Party Republicans skewing the GOP conference to the right, there will be little mood for compromise or bipartisan legislation on any major issues in the House, most observers say.

Hold on. Point to where and when in the past 20 months Congress has been in the “mood for compromise or bipartisan legislation”, on anything. That’s a serious and fair question or challenge. Because the press are swtiching the story line around fast right now, lining up the narrative ahead of the inevitable Democratic defeat.

Richard Grenell answers the question, on HuffPo, of all places.

United States Senator Barbara Boxer — she insists on being called by the full title — not only doesn’t work with Republicans in Washington, she doesn’t work very well with members of her own Democratic Party. Unlike our other U.S. Senator, Diane Feinstein, Boxer consistently advocates for radical views and fringe issues. Boxer is antagonistic towards California’s business community, votes exactly the way the unions instruct her, rarely meets with people and groups she disagrees with and is known for her grand ego and mean-spirited temper. Boxer has spent 28 years in Washington and is considered by many to be the consummate self-serving politician insulated from everyday people. If you think Washington, DC, is broken, Barbara Boxer’s radical tenure is one of the main reasons.


Okay, continue…

Boxer has also not just been pro-choice but has worked to make abortions federally funded. Boxer has advocated the use of tax dollars to support women who want their abortions paid for by others. Boxer hasn’t just wanted health care reform to better serve those that get sick and can’t pay for health care, she has advocated and worked hard for a public option to replace our current system. Boxer has pushed for a federally run health care system similar to how the federal government runs the post office — federal control with local service centers. Boxer also continues to believe in an economic plan that is based around more federal spending and higher taxes to pay for the spending. Boxer is advocating for even more stimulus money than the $900 billion already spent by the Obama Administration.

This is a referendum on President Obama. He, himself, asserted that though he is not on the ballot, his agenda is.

Which is the point.

The time has come. Stay tuned…

Sheila Liaugminas

Sheila Liaugminas is an Emmy award-winning Chicago-based journalist in print and broadcast media. Her writing and broadcasting covers matters of faith, culture, politics and the media....