Masterfoods recently released an advertisement in which parents are asked who they would most like to eat dinner with.  The parents struggled to think of their favourite celebrities, but their children were quick to respond with suprisingly similar answers.  It’s a good reminder.  You can watch the short clip here:


The children are probably onto something.  This Ted talk is slightly longer, but also well worth the time.  While many aspire to wealth, career and fame, subconsciously taking on perceived societal values, it turns out what we have always known is true – those people that focus most on family and relationships are happier, healthier and live longer.  This clip discusses a long, one-of-a-kind Harvard study which followed the fortune of people’s lives from birth until death and answers the question, ‘What makes a good life?’, based on its findings from the study participants.


Shannon Roberts

Shannon Roberts is co-editor of MercatorNet's blog on population issues, Demography is Destiny. While she has a background as a barrister, writing has been a life-long passion and she has contributed...