This is such a valuable book for any parent who has an interest in their child’s education. It is part of the Adding Assets Series for Kids.

There are 40 Developmental Assets for Middle Childhood, and this book explores how to engage children with the 5 Commitment to Learning Assets:

  1. Achievement Motivation
    (Child is motivated and strives to do well in school);
  2. Learning Engagement
    (Child is responsive, attentive, and actively engaged in learning at school and enjoys participating in learning activities outside of school);
  3. Homework
    (Child usually hands in homework on time);
  4. Bonding to School
    (Child cares about teachers and other adults at school);
  5. Reading for Pleasure
    (Child enjoys and engages in reading for fun most days of the week).

I’m sure many parents would know these things instinctively, but it can help to concretise a general good intention with practical suggestions. This book has an abundance of them, from reasons why each asset is so important for a child, to how to capitalise on a child’s natural abilities and interests and talk positively about what they’re learning at school.

I have a special liking for the chapter on ‘reading for pleasure’, it might even encourage kids to start a book club!

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Clare Cannon is the editor of and the manager of Portico Books in Sydney.

Clare Cannon lives in Sydney where she is editor of The Good Reading Guide and manager of Portico Books,...