One wonders what a study of news stories involving pro-marriage campaigners and their opponents on the gay lobby side would show if some guage measuring degrees of tolerance were to be applied to the opposing parties’ behavious. On the basis of a first impression the story reported here by Frances Kelly would seem to leave us in little doubt as to what the conclusion might be.

It is often the case that the presenters of reasoned and reasonable arguments end up driving their opponents to a level of frustration which makes them explode violently – because they have no reasoned argument with which to respond. Is this a case in point?

Frances Kelly writes:

For years gay rights activists have asked, “How will same-sex marriage affect your marriage?” as if it is only their own relationships that will be effected.  This hate crime shows that a lot more is at stake.

The more pertinent question is:  Is same-sex marriage inherently anti-gender?  Note the sexist contempt in this man’s verbal assault. Christian News Wire reported this case:

“In an appalling display of intolerance, a Preserve Marriage Washington volunteer was attacked Sunday while serving on the campaign to Reject Referendum 74. Traditional marriage supporter, Arlene Mark, was assaulted while sitting in her Subaru Legacy as she waited to distribute campaign literature to other volunteers in the parking lot of a Safeway supermarket in Burien.

“The assailant ran at Arlene’s car, hit the back of her vehicle, and ripped the Reject 74 campaign yard sign off of the side of her car that she had taped onto her vehicle so that other volunteers who were going to meet her in the parking lot could recognize her in the rain. As he tore the sign, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it, the same-sex marriage activist yelled at Arlene, “This is what I think of your f—ing sign! I’m gay and proud of it.” The perpetrator shouted vulgar profanities at Arlene, calling her a “b—-” and screaming ‘f—- you!”

 “An uninvolved witness came to Arlene’s aid… Nikki Davis, 36, a pregnant African-American woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the van parked next to Arlene’s… Nikki was not involved in the political campaign and did not know Arlene, but came to her defense. The assailant then turned his ire on Nikki. He proceeded to hurl racial epithets and vile slurs at her, including calling her a “black b—-” and the n-word, and telling her to “go back to Africa.” He also pounded on the back of the van, and kicked its tires. Nikki, who was terrified for Arlene, for herself, and for her children who were with her in the car, called the police.

 “Before a police officer could respond to the scene, the assailant jumped into a silver Audi that was being driven by an accomplice. Witnesses scribbled down the license plate number of the getaway car, and turned that information over to the police. The police department has assigned the incident, described as hate crime, a case number of 12-240-980.”

This is tolerance?  Equality?  Respect?  Love?

Same-sex marriage impacts everyone, including innocent bystanders and children.

Frances Kelly lives in the United States with her husband and daughters. She writes about gender issues for Homegriddle.