Katie HindererHi there, culture vultures, slaves of fashion, connoisseurs
of cool, Gen Y, Z, whoever… Today MercatorNet launches the long-awaited trends
and style blog. We’ve called it Tiger Print — mainly to avoid calling it
something else that might narrow the field of vision too much and exclude
potential readers. Guys and gals should be equally interested in our
dignitarian take on the latest style.

I am delighted to introduce Katie Hinderer as editor of
Tiger Print. Katie is a very talented young woman, a graduate of Marquette
University and an experienced journalist who has published on a wide range of
subjects including business, real estate, higher education, fashion and pop
culture, and in publications ranging from The New York Times to hip-hop website
Crunk Certified. Her current freelance portfolio includes RelateMag.com, an
inspirational teen magazine for which she edits the web content and also writes
— mostly about entertainment.

Things don’t happen quickly on our low-budget operation and
it says a lot for Katie’s stamina that she has kept up a keen interest in Tiger
Print as we have worked out the details over several months. I feel privileged
to be working with such a resourceful young editor and look forward to seeing
this blog develop as a lively and inspiring forum for commentary and debate.

Katie will be looking for other regular contributors, so if
you feel you have what it takes — mainly, a sharp mind and stickability — then
get in touch with her at katie.hinderer@mercatornet.com

Get in touch anyway — with your comments and suggestions for the blog.

Over to you Katie, and all the best!

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.