President Obama is in a sticky situation.  He wants votes from gay marriage advocates, but not their voices.  Not yet.

CNN’s Political ticker reports:

 “The President’s campaign is counting on wealthy gay donors to help fuel their fundraising drive. Gay and lesbian donors contributed nearly $1.5 million at just one recent fundraiser. During that event, the president seemed to hint he’s prepared to do more for this constituency in a second term but wouldn’t specify if that means supporting a federal law for same-sex marriage.”

 Looks like Obama is signaling to the gay voting block to keep quiet until after the November election. At a recent fundraiser Obama explained:

“There’s still areas where fairness is not the rule,” he told the crowd of gay and lesbian donors in Washington, D.C. on February 9th. “And we’re going to have to keep on pushing in the same way – persistently, politely, listening to folks who don’t always agree with us, but sticking to our guns in terms of what our values are all about.”

(Is “sticking to guns” the same as clinging to guns?)

Many Democrats are pushing to add same-sex marriage on their party platform, which is problematic for Obama who wants to buy more time—about nine months.

Convention Chair [Los Angeles Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa brought the party debate into public view during a Washington DC event when Politico’s Mike Allen asked if be believes the Democratic Convention should include a marriage equality plank. “I do,” Villaraigosa replied, “… The delegates will make the decision on the platform but I do support it and certainly have for a long time.”

But President Obama doesn’t want to evolve that fast.  If he comes out in favor of gender-segregated marriage, would he lose the election?  He wants to play it safe and wait until after he wins a second term. Then he’ll be free to evolve into a same-sex marriage activist. 

 In the meantime, he wants those wealthy liberals to open up their coffers, donate to his campaign, and keep their mouths shut on gay marriage. 

Frances Kelly blogs at HomeGriddle. This article has been reposted with permission. 

Frances Kelly lives in the United States with her husband and daughters. She writes about gender issues for Homegriddle.