taylorI cannot resist copying this post from Francis Phillips’ blog on the UK Catholic Herald website, because it synchs with my own thoughts perfectly. It does seem, though, as Francis (MercatorNet’s book reviewer, you might recall) notes, that this is a minority view. Readers’ thoughts?

I know this question is the most politically incorrect one could raise in these exultant, post-Olympic days and that I’ll be met with shouts of derision or sheer disbelief, but I’ll ask it anyway: should women engage in the sport of boxing? When I saw the photographs of Olympians Katie Taylor and Nicola Adams fighting in the ring I felt aghast – and I still feel that way. It might seem a victory in the on-going feminist struggle for women’s complete equality with men, but it strikes me as a hollow victory; a blow against the nature of womankind; indeed, a step backwards for civilisation.

I had better state here that I have absolutely nothing against the two young women who won their boxing gold medals…

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Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet